Fujifilm stops production of the film used for classic Polaroid cameras

PictureFujifilm announced some bad news for photographers who still enjoy taking photos with the classic Polaroid cameras from the 1960s and ’70s.

The Japanese company said in a recent press release that they will no longer be able to produce their FP-100C film (Polaroid film) due to sales volumes that have declined significantly year after year. The peel-apart film is compatible with any instant camera that takes 3.25×4.25-inch pics. Fujifilm says that they will end shipments this spring.

The press release, written in Japanese, translates (sort of) to English saying:

“Fujifilm, in order to continue to provide instant color film “FP-100C”, so far have had continued corporate efforts, sales volume has declined significantly from year to year, more is a situation that can not be produced . For this reason, we will be forced to sell the end as described below.

This instant color sales of film “FP-100C” is will end, Fujifilm will continue to developing systems that offers access to the photographic film to continue while the review and production efficiency also product line up future .” After Polaroid halted production of their own instant film back in 2008, most thought it would be the end of an era until Fujifilm miraculously took charge, making Polaroid-compatible film up ’til now for many fans. Now that they have stopped production, many will be searching for the next best alternative.

​Fortunately, there is an option. The Impossible Project, who also started back in 2008 when Polaroid quit production, specializes in making film for various Polaroid cameras, including the SX-70 Polaroid camera.

With options becoming more and more limited for retro Polaroid photography, hopefully another company will step up to keep this hobby alive. PicturePolaroid SX-70 that The Impossible Project makes film for.
Watch video on what The Impossible Project is doing to keep classic Polaroid photography alive:

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