D.A.R.E quietly removes cannabis from their list of gateway drugs, ending anti-marijuana campaign

PictureD.A.R.E, one of the largest anti-drug organizations in the world, isn’t pretending that marijuana is a gateway drug anymore. The organization’s website now only specifically identifies alcohol and tobacco as gateway drugs, quietly removing marijuana from their rather short list. Many American millennials remember the D.A.R.E program coming to our schools as young elementary students, educating us on the dangers of experimenting with gateway drugs. Many of us remember the worst case scenario stories our classroom deputies would tell to hopefully scare us from ever experimenting with pot.

But now, they have either given up entirely or completely changed their stance on the dangers of marijuana. The organization made no announcement or published any press release explaining their removal of the once considered gateway drug from their program.

When exactly did D.A.R.E remove cannabis as a gateway drug from their website? It hasn’t been determined but a Redditor posted to /r/Trees last Wednesday noting that marijuana was no longer listed as a gateway drug on their website.

Numerous studies have disproved the marijuana-gateway theory in recent years. Most notably, The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that ”most people who use marijuana do not go on to use other, ‘harder’ substances.”

While many millennials reminisce on what a joke the program was to begin with, some consider the organizations new stance to be a major victory in the culture war over the plant and a significant step forward in ending marijuana prohibition.

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