Surgeons perform the first ever uterus transplant in the United States

PicturePhoto: Cleveland Clinic surgeons perform the first uterus transplant to take place in the United States.Both Cleveland Clinic transplant surgeons and gynecological surgeons teamed up to perform the nation’s first uterus transplant on Wednesday. The surgery was said to have taken nine hours to complete.

The 26-year-old patient, who is not being identified publicly at this time, is in stable condition as of Thursday afternoon, according the Cleveland Clinic. The Cleveland Clinic also stated that they will not be making any further comments at this time but will be available for media questions at a news conference to be scheduled next week.

While this is a first for the United States, the operation has been performed in Sweden before. Nine women in Sweden have had the uterus transplant and four have had premature, but healthy babies.

Cleveland Clinic began screening candidates for uterus transplants late last year, as part of a clinical trial approved by Cleveland Clinic’s Institutional Review Board, which reviews and monitors all human-related research projects. 

​Scientists estimate around 500,000 women in the US are candidates for a uterus transplant. 

PicturePhoto: Cleveland Clinic surgeons operating during the 9 hour uterus transplant.PicturePhoto: Cleveland Clinic surgeons operating during the 9 hour uterus transplant.

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