Canadian Star Wars fan builds his own Millennium Falcon Quadcopter, uses it as a snowblower 

PictureIan Fisher of Brampton, Ontario, Canada built his own Millennium Falcon Quadcopter as a fun DIY project that turned out quite impressive.

Millennium Falcon Drones can be bought online, but why buy one when you can build one yourself? ​

Fisher commented on his DIY project,
‘Built the Millennium Falcon drone from scratch and decided I could use it to clear the snow from my walkway. I tried previously to use The Force but this method is a lot easier.’

Quadcopter Specs:

Fisher scratch built the aluminum frame, installed the flight controller board, wired the ESC’s and COB LEDs, used foam to carve out the design from a template, and glued on graphic overlays.

  • Frame: Custom welded aluminum
  • Motors: Cobra 2206
  • Flight Controller: Naze32
  • ESC’s: Rotorgeeks RG20A
  • Props: HQ 6X4.5 Bullnose
  • Battery: 4s 2200mAh

Photo Gallery of the Scratch Build:

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