Tornado Footage: Top videos from Monday’s severe weather outbreak

PictureOver 40 tornadoes swept across the Texas Panhandle all the way up to the Kansas-Nebraska border on Monday. An estimated 6,300 were left without power throughout North Texas. Two homes in rural Comanche County, Kansas were also damaged by a tornado. Severe weather capable of producing tornadoes is possible throughout the night into the early morning of Tuesday as well.

We’ve put together a collection of all the footage from Monday’s severe weather to this point. This list will continuously update as more footage comes in on Tuesday.

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High Plains Tornado Outbreak!

Video Description: “Tornadoes in the Texas Panhandle from the Palo Duro Canyon to Miami (TX) as part of a prolific multi-day severe weather outbreak.. Reports of damage on the south side of Pampa.”

MASSIVE Pampa, Texas WEDGE Tornado & Explosions!

Video Description: A HUGE tornado impacted the southern and eastern sections of Pampa, Texas this evening. Massive explosions can be seen of the wedge tornado in the distance as it plows up land and produces major damage to areas especially on the east side of Pampa this evening.”

Large Wedge Tornado, Hail and Storm Damage from SW KS 

Video Description: This video package covers the storm that dumped hail in Liberal, then went out to produce a tornado for over an hour, moving across nearly 50 miles of southwest Kansas and managed to avoid doing any major damage to towns along the way.”

Goodnight, Texas Brief Tornado

Video Description: Brief tornado develops out of the supercell near Goodnight, Texas. Storms were just really beginning to rotate.”

Grainfield, Kansas Tornado

Video Description: A tornado forming late in the afternoon near Grainfield as a severe weather outbreak begins to unfold. This is the first of many tornadoes expected during the evening and overnight areas in the Kansas/Texas/Oklahoma areas.”

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