Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse files lawsuit over homeless problem, says they’re hurting business

PicturePhoto: Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse NYCBusiness is not good at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse in NYC. The restaurant recently filed a lawsuit against the city, saying the homeless problem has gotten so out of control that they are driving customers away and could potentially go out of business. Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse is located in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal and the entrance of the steakhouse has become increasingly overrun with a homeless population since renovation projects began outside on Vanderbilt Avenue.

Restaurant owner Matthew Glazier said in the court papers,
“The entryway to the Grand Central Terminal eatery is being overrun by bums, thanks to a long-term construction project on Vanderbilt Avenue that has created a festering enclave of vagrants.”

Glazier claims that business has gotten so bad that the restaurant’s revenue has dropped 24 percent and the MTA, who leases the space to the steakhouse, hasn’t done a thing to solve the problem. The MTA has been working the past year on a project that would waterproof the station. The “restaurant has become plagued by filth, garbage and urine left by homeless people — yet the MTA has ignored the problem”, the court papers say.

“It looks like ‘Gotham’ out there,” steakhouse GM Stephan Dorian told the New York Post.

Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse, who is seeking unspecified damages, pleads with the court to “save this great New York restaurant, a beacon of Grand Central’s revival from the landlord’s unconscionable conduct.”Picture

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