A sports radio station interviewed Gary Pinkel on Tuesday and things got really awkward

PictureThings got really awkward Tuesday on a Kansas City sports radio station during an interview with Mizzou Football Coach Gary Pinkel. Radio show host Kevin Kietzman of Sports Radio 810 asked coach Pinkel a multitude of hot button questions regarding the recent racial protests and his personal stance on the events that took place on the University of Missouri campus. Kietzman asked Pinkel nearly every single question the Mizzou head coach was probably hoping would not come up. Pinkel seemed grossly unprepared for many of Keitzman’s questions, often answering questions with “I don’t know anything about that” or “I don’t have an opinion on that”. 

Sports Radio 810 was the first scheduled radio station to have Pinkel on for Tuesday. They claim to have had the “exclusive” interview with Pinkel, which they did, but only because Pinkel cancelled all remaining radio interviews yesterday after how poorly his interview went with 810. Kietzman grilled him hard.

Have a Listen: The audio clip below is a seven minute interview with Mizzou Football Coach Gary Pinkel that will probably make you cringe a little. Audio clip courtesy of Sports Radio 810 WHB

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