Florida Man is sueing Tinder over fees for extra swipes

PictureA South Florida man is suing the popular dating & hookup app Tinder, claiming the company used misleading business practices. Billy Warner of Miami, Florida, claims to have downloaded the Tinder app in early 2014 when the service was free. On March 2 of 2015, the company abruptly unveiled Tinder Plus, a premium version of the app that requires users to pay $2.99/month for unlimited swipes, a feature on the app that was previously free.

Warner claims that he had not been notified of the policy change until he had ran out of “likes” using the app on March 5 when the app stated “You’re out of likes. Get more likes in 0:00:00. Get unlimited likes with Tinder Plus for $2.99.” 

Warner reluctantly purchased the premium version of the app but claims the company continuously sent more requests for payments to access Tinder Plus. This time, for a much steeper price of $19.99/month. Again, Warner purchased the app for the higher price believing the previous charge of $2.99 would be dropped. He says they continued to charge him for the previous fee. The alleged overcharging, personal experience and frustration with the app is why he is seeking damages.  Warner filed a class-action lawsuit in California back in July that was dismissed by a judge. The judge granted Warner leave to amend his lawsuit but he instead dismissed the case altogether and is filing a new complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

​This time, Warner is seeking restitution for the funds unlawfully obtained by Tinder, any and all statutory enhanced damages, court costs and attorney fees, and any other rewards awarded by the court. Picture

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