Man injured while running from an actor holding a chainsaw at a San Diego amusement park loses lawsuit

PictureA California appeals court ruled in favor of a popular San Diego amusement park last Friday in a case involving a man who sued over injuries sustained while running from a fake chainsaw wielding actor. Scott Griffin, who visited The Haunted Trail amusement park back in 2011, testified that a “gentleman” with a chainsaw came at him. Griffin, who has visited other haunted houses in the past, said that he did not expect the ending and thought the show was over. He claimed that he had told the man to “stop,” and when the actor didn’t, he ran, falling and injuring his wrist in the process.

Griffin during his deposition said,
“I really got scared because he was really at me. He selected me… He was pointing it (the chainsaw) right at me and it was live and active; you could literally smell the gas… hear the sound and everything…It was a real chainsaw.”

Griffin sued the haunted house for negligence, assault, and improper training and supervision. His case was dismissed with the California court, ruling that Griffin had assumed the risk when entering the trail and should have known that he would get scared. Griffin then appealed the decision in appellate court but the ruling was upheld. The Haunted Trail has numerous warnings and disclaimers notifying patrons of the injury risks they face if they decide to run from their actors. Their website also warns of potentially hazardous obstacles in the park including rocks and tree roots.

A rep for The Haunted Trail explained their side during the deposition,
“You scare the hell out of them as much as you possibly can, and that’s what they’re paying us for, that’s why they come. Griffin “was never in harm… He ran. He chose to run. You can’t chase a human that doesn’t run. If he had just stood there and said ‘stop,’ then it’s not fun. You move on. You scare somebody else.”

The appellate court also awarded The Haunted Trail its attorneys’ fees in defending the appeal. Watch the promo video for The Haunted Trail below.

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