Florida to host a weeklong bear hunt to rid the state of 320 nuisance bruins

PictureA massive bear hunt in Florida is about commence despite many anti-bear hunt protests that have happened in major cities across the state recently.  The weeklong bear hunt will begin early Saturday morning and conclude as soon as 320 of the state’s bruins are killed. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission believes the state’s black bear population has gotten too high and estimates over 3,000 bruins are roaming the state.

Within the last two years, hundreds of incident reports have been filed from residents involving black bears. Some of these reports come from citizens who have reported dead pets. Four reports have included serious bear versus human attacks within the last two years.  Despite the accusations from anti-bear hunt protesters, the state says that their first bear hunt in twenty-one years has nothing to do with the recent attacks and more so with population control.

More than 3,200 hunters have paid the $100 permit fee for their chance at hunting down one of the 320 black bears allowed by the state. All hunters who successfully shoot and kill a black bear, will have 12 hours to report the carcass to wildlife agents. The FWC will then update the figures each night by way of a telephone hotline that hunters can check.

The state estimates that each hunter has only a seven percent chance of actually seeing one. Meaning, there’s a good chance that a lot of Floridians may be aimlessly wondering in the woods this week for no reason.

For more information about the hunt, visit the Florida Fish & Wildlife Comission website here.

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