Comcast customer service is so bad, a startup was created to deal with their reps for you

PictureComcast is close to, if not the most hated company in the United States. Their notoriously awful customer satisfaction ratings ranked second to last in 2014 out of all cable providers. Fortunately, there’s a new startup that will deal with their customer service reps so you don’t have to.Airpaper is a new company that will call Comcast on your behalf to cancel your service. They assign their own agents to handle the Comcast’s reps so you don’t have to deal with the thirty plus minutes of borderline harassment when cancelling their service. For five dollars, the company claims that they will cancel your Comcast service in under five minutes. All the Airpaper customer has to do enter their billing information and account number. The company then files it for cancellation, sending back a confirmation to the customer that the service has been terminated. The company believes its an easy way to save a half-hour ordeal just by typing a little bit of billing info.

The company’s about section on their website reads,
“Billions of hours of beautiful human life are lost each year to terrible but required processes. At AirPaper we’re dedicated to helping people spend as much time as possible doing the things they love. We love turning bureaucratic processes into surprisingly pleasant processes we call “AirPapers”. Sound too good to be true? Try our Comcast Cancellation process or sign up for one of our processes that are coming soon. We think you’ll like working with us.”

Unfortunately, Airpaper only applies to Comcast customers looking to cancel their plans. It’s pretty pathetic that Comcast’s customer service has come to a point where a company like Airpaper has been established to deal with their miserable attempt at customer retention. Hopefully they will eventually offer the service for thee most poorly rated cable company in America, Time Warner Cable.

​Comcast recently put data caps on their internet service for customers with [unlimited] plans in nine states. This means that your unlimited internet is no longer unlimited. These states include: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Tennessee and South Carolina.

Depending on the outrage from this, experts believe Comcast will push this nationwide. For those who are officially fed-up, at least they know they can easily cancel their service now. The phone conversation below that went viral shows why a service like Airpaper might be worth the $5.

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