CEO of Alaska Airlines admits the airline lost his bag

PictureBrad Tilden, CEO of Alaska Airlines, admitted that his own airline lost his luggage while traveling last week to Washington, D.C. for an industry summit. ​Tilden reportedly confessed to the company’s mishap on stage while speaking to the summit in the nation’s capitol. The misplaced bag was delivered to him the following day.

Tilden jokingly said on stage,
“The media is here and I’m hoping that you don’t write this down and print it.”

Alaska Airlines has long guaranteed that traveler bags will be available for pickup no later than 20 minutes after reaching the arrival gate. If not,  the airliner offers a $25 credit or 2,500 free miles towards your next flight. PictureAccording to to Air Travel Consumer Report, Alaska Airlines is slightly above average with fewer complaints regarding mishandled baggage reports. The airline received 3.15 mishandled baggage complaints per 1,000 passengers so far in 2015, ranking 6 of 13 for national carriers.

Tilden also confessed that this was not the first time his airline had lost his bags. The airline CEO said they had lost his luggage 25 years earlier. No word yet if the airliner will reimburse Mr. Tilden $25 for his lost luggage.

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