Report: Twitter plans to change their 140-character limit for the first time

PictureAlong with many other changes Twitter has made to their platform recently, the social network plans to increase the character count beyond 140 for the first time. According to sources close to Twitter, the social media platform is developing a new service that will allow users to send tweets that exceed the restrictive 140-character limit.

How the new service will look is unclear at this time, but reports of the initial proposal say that they plan to stop counting links, usernames, and pictures as as a part of their 140-character count.

Additionally, sources say the change will offer a long-form option, which will allow users to use the platform as a blog.

Re/Code wrote in an article,
The 140-character limit has been one of Twitter’s trademark features since day one. It has long been scrutinized by those outside the company, and many have argued over the years that Twitter should expand it. It has also been a topic of discussion internally at Twitter for years, according to multiple sources, and has resurfaced in recent months under interim CEO Jack Dorsey as the company has been exploring new ways to grow its user base.

Twitter has made several changes to their platform recently. Many of these changes aims to increase the content that can be shared within a single tweet.

They’ve added the ability to share up to four photos to a tweet, removing the 140-character counts in direct messages, adding Twitter Cards for more details, and a comments section for retweeting. The goal behind these recent changes is to attract new users to their platform, making it easier to share their thoughts without feeling so restricted.

Of course with change, comes controversy. Many long-time Twitter users do not like the idea of an increased character count. Some believe that sharing an idea or thought and compressing it into 140-characters is somewhat of an art form.

Twitter has yet to officially announce their plans for the change, so when/if these developments take effect remains unknown.

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