Giant pumpkin weighing over 2000 lbs smashes previous U.S. record

PictureA new North American record for the largest pumpkin ever grown was achieved at a festival in Wisconsin last weekend. The gourd weighed in at a staggering 2,145.5 pounds and is now the second largest in the world. The previous North American record was 2,058 pounds. 

Gene McMullen, the pumpkin grower and factory worker from Illinois, credited his record-setting pumpkin to “dumb luck”.

He told the Associated Press,
“I don’t do anything different than any other growers do.”
McMullen must be doing something different. Last year, his 2014 entry weighed in at a much less, but still impressive 1,600 pounds.

According to, world records for pumpkins have been kept since 1900. Until 1996, no pumpkins had exceeded 1,000 pounds. The current world record belongs to Beni Meier of Switzerland for his 2,323 pound pumpkin from Oct. 2014. Picture

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