Heroic fifth grader pulls students to safety after school bus crashes into lake

PictureHeroic fifth grader pulls students to safety after school bus crashes into lakeA school bus carrying 27 elementary students crashed into a lake near Tampa Bay, FL last Thursday. A 10-year-old boy is being hailed a hero after pulling 3 students to safety from the water. Nicholas Sierra, the heroic fifth grader, told People Magazine,
“I saw my friend, she was under the water, so I grabbed her and put her arms around my neck and I brought her to the front window,” he recalls. “Then, I waved to two cars for help and then I went back and got two other kids and brought them out.” 

Both Nicholas and the bus driver remained inside the bus, carrying the children to the emergency door and onto land until all 27 elementary students had been accounted for. 

Brake failure is believed to be the cause for the crash. Students recall seeing the bus driver repeatedly pressing on the brakes and yelling out to hold on tight. 
All 27 children on board miraculously made it out uninjured.
Nicholas’ family celebrated his heroism by taking him to a baseball game the following day. However, they told the media that they were not surprised by his courageous acts.

Video: The story from ABC News: Picture

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