Willie Nelson secures funding for his pot brand ‘Willie’s Reserve’, coming soon to Colorado & Washington

PictureLegendary musician Willie Nelson has sealed the deal with Tuatara Capital, a private investment group who will fund Willie Nelson’s cannabis company ‘Willie’s Reserve’. Both Nelson & Tuatara Capital’s partnership look to get in on Colorado and Washington’s growing recreational cannabis market. New York-based Tuatara Capital said in a press release on Monday that they were pleased to announce their partnership to establish Willie’s Reserve, a premium cannabis lifestyle brand. Tuatara Capital will be the lead backers of financing and development for Willie Nelson’s cannabis company, that was founded in 2014. The cannabis investment group specializes in funding research, cultivation, processing, and retail operations for high-growth companies in the legal cannabis industry.

Willie’s Reserve describes itself as soon to be launched, reflecting his longstanding experience and his commitment to regulated, natural and high quality cannabis.
PictureNelson said in Monday’s joint press release,
“I hear stories from people across the country about how the end of marijuana prohibition is improving their lives. Legal marijuana makes sense. Good business will prove it can work in America.”

Willie’s soon-to-be launched cannabis business will start their operations in Colorado and Oregon’s recreational pot market where it is legal. Local businesses in those states plan to grow, distribute, and sell Nelson’s marijuana according to the exact specifications and quality standards that Willie’s Reserve provides.

Nelson stated earlier this year,
“I am looking forward to working with the best growers in Colorado and Washington to make sure our product is the best on the market.”

The capital raised in this round aims to accelerate the companies growth and development in additional states for the recreational markets, as regulations allow.

Chairman of Tuatara Capital Mark Zittman said in their press release,
“There is so much innovation happening in the cannabis space, and we are excited about the future prospects of the industry. We see incredible potential to support the industry in its growth and evolution. It’s all happening at unprecedented speed.”

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