Interesting graphic shows how much an iPhone costs around the world

PictureAs popular as the iPhone has become worldwide, the price varies drastically based on where you live. The range between the highest and lowest prices in the world to buy an iPhone 6 exceeds $400. Currently, the only countries you can purchase an iPhone 6 for under $700 is in the United States, Canada, and Japan. Turkey and Brazil are the most expensive with prices exceeding $1,000.

WebFX created a graphic showing the difference iPhones cost around the world and factored in what percentage the price represents for the median annual income of someone living there to determine the phone’s affordability.
Content Marketer Rebecca Stickler at WebFX wrote in a blog post,
Using new iPhone 6 pricing (as of July 2015), we’ve compiled a list of what consumers around the world pay for them. Then, we compared the cost to the median annual household income to get a better idea of how affordable they really are.

After factoring income in, the most expensive country is Indonesia at a staggering 39.3% of median yearly income and the lowest is the United States at 1.6%.

See where your country ranks below:Picture

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