Netflix unveils preview of Falcor for web developers

PictureNetflix announced today the release of Falcor, a javascript library that powers their mobile, desktop and TV applications for web developers. Netflix detailed Falcor’s framework in a blog post published Monday,

Falcor lets you represent all your remote data sources as a single domain model via JSON Graph. Falcor makes it easy to access as much or as little of your model as you want, when you want it. You retrieve your data using familiar JavaScript operations like get, set, and call. If you know your data, you know your API.

Falcor keeps your data in a single, coherent cache and manages stale data and cache pruning for you. Falcor automatically traverses references in your graph and makes requests as needed. It transparently handles all network communications, opportunistically batching and de-duping requests.

Falcor remains under development and Netflix hopes to create a roadmap soon. The preview available for developers includes a Node version of the Falcor Router, which is still being developed.

Netflix wants Falcor’s development to be an open project that the community can actively give feedback and make contributions to.

Check out Netflix’s Falcor preview:

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