Figurehead of ancient sea monster recovered from the Baltic Sea after 500 years

PicturePhoto Credit: YouTubeA wooden sea monster has been recovered from the Baltic sea after resting on the ocean floor for more than 500 years. Archaeologist believe the sculpture was part of the Gribshunden, a 15th-century Danish warship that belonged to the Danish King Hans. Details on the wooden carving appear to have lion-like ears and the mouth of a crocodile. Inside the mouth, it looks to be holding a person.
The ancient figurehead stood atop an eleven foot wooden beam and weighs approximately 660 pounds. Archaeologist believe the figurehead was at the prow of the 15th-century Danish warship. 

The Gribshunden was anchored in the harbor of the Swedish town of Ronneby in 1495 and sank after a fire broke out. Since then, it has remained at the bottom of the harbor. 

Marcus Sandekjer, head of the Blekinge Museum and involved in the shipwreck’s salvage said,

“The ship comes from a time just when Columbus was sailing across the ocean and Vasco da Gama also went to India, and this is the same period and we can learn very much about how the ships were made, how they were constructed since there are no ships left from this time. It’s unique in the world and I think there are going to be more excavations around here and we’re going to find some more unique objects. But this… today is just fantastic.”
All photos below were screenshots via YouTube.Samples taken from the ship’s timbers revealed the wood was from oak trees dating back to the winter of 1482. Researchers believe the Gribshunden warship would of been considered to be a cutting-edge naval ship at the time.

Johan Ronnby, professor of marine archaeology at Sodertorn University said,

“It’s a monster. It’s a sea monster and we have to discuss what kind of animal it is. 
I think it’s some kind of fantasy animal; a dragon with lion ears and crocodile-like mouth. I’m amazed, we knew that it should be a fantastic figure, but it was over our expectations when we saw it now. It’s a fantastic figure, unique in the world.”

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