Video game developer creates Minecraft-themed PC

PictureMicrosoft game developer and Minecraft enthusiast Spencer Kern has taken his fandom to an entirely new level by creating a PC that is themed after Minecraft.  The Redstone PC project was meant to be a celebration of not only the new Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, but the launch of Windows 10 itself. Kern wrote on the Redstone PC site about the inspiration and vision behind the project,

“I wanted to create a PC thats only purpose in life was to play Minecraft and look good doing it.” He continued, The original inspiration for this build came from a little Redstone block light up toy. I started thinking about how small I could get a pc without starting from a SOC or prebuilt mini pc kit. After looking around at mini ITX parts I decided to target an 8.5″ cube for the case. Once I had the basic size figured out I began to create my parts list and collect detailed dimensions of each component.”PictureSide by side of the frame and shell – Photo Credit: Spencer KernThe Redstone PC is much more than a paint job or a skin wrap. In the planning stages, Kern created 3D representations of the computer. He then used the 3D mock ups to produce the blueprints for the laser cutter. Almost the entire case was built out of either acrylic sheets or extruded acrylic bars, allowing most of the pre-fabrication work be done with a laser cutter. 

Kerns designed a custom keyboard using the specific graphics and fonts he wanted. He then sent the custom key caps off to be professionally printed and simply popped them back into place when they returned. He also personalized a gamepad, headphones, and mouse to the Minecraft theme.PictureMouse and Keyboard living side by side with ControllerUnfortunately, the Redstone PC is not available for purchase. However, Kerns has provided enough details on the assembly that jealous Minecraft fans should be able to create a version of their own if willing to exert some serious time and effort.

Click here to view Spencer Kerns’ step-by-step guide to the assembly of the Redstone PC

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