Brazilian radio DJ who often spoke on local government corruption shot dead live on the air 

PictureGleydson Carvalho, a Brazilian radio DJ, was shot live on the air last Thursday during his lunchtime show on Liberdade FM in Camocin, a beach resort town in the northeastern state of Ceara. Police say two gunman forced their way into the recording studio, subdued the receptionist, and shot Carvalho three times in the head and twice in the chest. Carvalho died on the way to the hospital.Local Police Chief Herbert Silva said,
“They came to the station’s facility and said that they had to make an announcement, “Once they opened the door, they announced it was an assault and asked who was in the audio room. Immediately after, the subject entered and shot Gleydson three times on the head and twice on the chest.”

According to police, the attack occurred while the show was playing music on the air. The gunman immediately fled the studio on a motorcycle and police say they have two suspects connected to the murder in custody.

Carneiro Portela, 18, and his girlfriend Gisele Sousa do Nascimiento, 23, are two suspects police believe to be accomplices in the murder. However, the two gunman have yet to be found but police named them as 22-year-old Tiago Lemos da Silva and “Dudu” Jefferson.

Police Chief Herbert Ponte said in a statement, 
“The two killers had fled by the time we arrived but we don’t have any doubt that the couple we’ve taken into custody are linked to the crime and the property was used to plan the murder.”
Carvalho was known for being a harsh critic of the local government’s corruption and often spoke on the issue. Sources close to Carvalho said that he had often received death threats against him but never worried for his life. Which is surprising due to the fact that three other Brazilian journalist have been killed this year for speaking out against the government.

Maria Laura Canineu, Director of Human Rights Watch in Brazil said,
“Attacks against journalists for their work threaten freedom of expression and the very fabric of democracy. It is crucial for the authorities to ensure full accountability for the killing of Carvalho and other journalists to guarantee that reporters in Brazil can work without fearing for their lives.”Video of the Portuguese-speaking radio host doing a show on an unknown date. 
(Video does not show the killing)

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