Google officially breaks ground on their 4-acre campus in Boulder, Colorado

PictureGoogle has officially started construction on their 330,000 square foot campus in Boulder, Colorado that will consist of three four-story buildings. The new campus will serve as the replacement for the company’s split locations in Boulder, one of which that operates out of an old Circuit City building. Back in 2014, the Boulder City Council approved Google’s plan for a new campus. The new campus will be located on Pearl St., Boulder’s well-known street that serves as the city’s entertainment hub. 

Google currently employs 340 people at their various locations but believes the new campus will bring over 1,200 new jobs to the Boulder area. Google’s Boulder office helps develop new systems and software for Google Apps, Google Earth, Google Pay and Android.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper spoke on Google’s decision to expand their presence in Boulder,
“If you’re searching or Googling for proof that Colorado is a national leader for innovation and technology and continues to be a draw for business, look no further than Boulder and Google’s decision to expand here.”

Boulder Mayor Mathew Appelbaum said at Tuesday’s ceremony,
“Any city would love to have Google… Google is already in Boulder of course, but this makes them much more of a permanent presence in the city.”
PictureWhile Google’s expanding presence in Boulder sounds perfect to local and state politicians, the decision doesn’t come without controversy. Many Boulder residents are not happy with the city council’s approval and are concerned with the already expensive cost of living, as well as increased traffic congestion and the environmental impacts the campus may bring.

Mayor Applebaum spoke on the concern of many locals,
“It’s Boulder, there is always controversy, which is a good thing actually. People do need to get involved in their community. He continues, “But we’re also a community that has been shaped by the university, IBM, the federal labs, by Ball Aerospace and I think Google can play that role too, of really being part of that critical mass that we have in Boulder that makes the place really tick.”

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