Greg Hardy’s Rap Album Is Real But Denies Affiliation With DJ Many Who Released It, Both Tweet Out Their Sides Of The Story

PictureLast Wednesday, we broke a story on Greg Hardy’s rap album “Governing Past Dues,” which hit the iTunes Store in an incredibly unusual fashion, raising red flags and questions on why the album was not promoted and kept a secret until its release. 

The story was initially discovered from a tweet by DJ Many making the shocking announcement that Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy has an unknown rap album that he had just released.
Since the album dropped, it has become quite obvious that the album was not intended to be a Beyonce or Drake-like surprise release to create social buzz or media attention. Rather, DJ Many claims he released the album due to an unpaid bill of $40,000 that Greg Hardy has refused to pay up on for the album’s production. 

Both Greg Hardy and DJ Many have addressed the album with a multitude of tweets sharing two very different stories from their Twitter handles.

Greg Hardy’s Twitter

DJ Many’s Twitter

Clearly the two have different stories. Hardy acknowledges that the music was his old stuff but claims that DJ Many had stolen, edited, and released the album without his permission. Hardy also denied any affiliation with DJ Many saying the two had never collaborated and that the producer was someone “pretending to be with me”. 

On the other side, DJ Many explained his side of the story saying that they did in fact collaborate and that Greg Hardy still owes him $40k for the production of the eight-track album. DJ Many indicated that he has made contact with Hardy’s legal team saying, “I Was On The Phone With Greg Hardy’s Lawyer This Weekend, He Told Me They Advised Him To Pay The Money He Owes Me But He Said Nah.” 

The music producer also tweeted a photo showing the copyrights and legal ownership of the music to his over one million Twitter followers. Just to make sure, we did a little fact checking on BMI’s website to validate DJ Many’s claims of ownership and it appears to be legitimate.

Listen To Greg Hardy’s “Governing Past Dues” Album WidgetsFull tracklist:
1. Dream 
2. Just Getting Started 
3. The Show 
4. I Get It In 
5. It’s Whatever (ft. Slim Thug) 
6. Slumber 
7. Love Sick 
8. Dream (Remix)

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