CBS Is Adding Commercials To Next Year’s Super Bowl 50 Live Stream, Boosting Sponsorship Exposure & Ad Prices

PictureFor those of us who may have the unfortunate luck of live streaming next year’s Super Bowl away from friends and family, CBS is making some game-changing moves to make the viewing experience more enjoyable on live stream for consumers. CBS plans to add those highly anticipated Super Bowl commercials we all enjoy to their live streaming option. In Super Bowls past, viewers who streamed the game from their laptops and mobile devices were left in the cold watching the same repetitive advertisements during commercial breaks. 

Last year, only 25% of the companies who advertised during the Super Bowl chose to advertise on live stream. Until now, Super Bowl sponsors have never been required to buy ad slots for both television and live streaming broadcasts since the option for live streaming became available in 2012. 

For Super Bowl 50, CBS will treat both broadcast environments as a single package and advertisers will be required to buy both ad slots without option.
NBC’s live stream of Super Bowl 49 had a audience of over 2.5 million unique viewers and that number has grown every year since 2012. This means that advertisers have to take into account that next year’s record-setting prices for an ad spot will reflect the extended reach they’ll gain with the growing relevance and increased viewership that live streaming brings. 

Variety recently reported that an executive close to the negotiations suggested that CBS is seeking a number north of $5 million for a 30-second commercial. Last year, NBC priced their 30-second ad spots between $4.4 and $4.5 million. 

CBS is not the only media outlet who plans to capitalize from broadcasting live NFL games. Yahoo! recently acquired the rights to broadcast the first free global live stream of this year’s game in London between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills on October 25.

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