Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy has a rap album and DJ Many just released it



While browsing through our music news section, we discovered a tweet announcing a very unusual album drop this afternoon.DJ Many made a shocking announcement that Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy has a rap album entitled Governing Past Dues that is now available in the iTunes Store.

What’s strange about the album release is that it has not been promoted in any fashion and seemingly dropped out of the sky onto iTunes. Up to this point, the media has had no knowledge of a Greg Hardy album in the works. Neither DJ Many nor Greg Hardy have indicated any kind of collaboration making this an incredibly mysterious development.

The secrecy behind the album sparks many questions that have yet to be answered from either side regarding when the two collaborated and why the album release went unannounced until now. As the story continues to develop, the question of when the album was made may very well become a serious focal point. Hardy’s lyrics contain acts of violence and derogatory words towards women, so the album’s release seems a bit untimely as the world awaits his decision on whether or not he’s filing a lawsuit against the NFL for his domestic violence suspension. 

Hardy’s interest in a rap career has been well documented. Last October, while serving an NFL suspension and awaiting a November trial for domestic violence, he was seen on Instagram spending his free time in the studio working on his aspiring rap career. 
We listened to the album with incredibly low expectations anticipating no more than a good laugh and couldn’t have been more wrong. Granted, most athletes who crossover into music fail miserably, Greg Hardy is one of the few exceptions who can actually rap when making the comparison to other athletes. 

Rapper Slim Thug, who recently released the first of a three-part album series and documentary, Hogg Life: The Beginning, was the peak feature on the album and can be heard on the track “It’s Whatever”. PicturePictureCurrently, the album is available on iTunes // Google Play and can be previewed there. 

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