Stephen Colbert shocks citizens across Southeast Michigan when seen hosting a local public access TV program, interviews rapper Eminem

PictureMonroe, MI – Stephen Colbert pleasantly surprised the citizens of Southeast Michigan yesterday when he filled in as the host of a local public access TV show in Monroe, MI. The show is called “Only in Monroe” and the program was recorded under what experts have called “unnecessary secrecy”. Colbert’s public-relations staff did not promote or inform anyone of the appearance.Colbert sat down with hosts Michelle Baumann and Kaye Lani in the 41-minute program to discuss local Monroe-area news and current events. Colbert played the part and conducted the show in serious manner which made it all the more humorous. The show became even more bizarre when Michigan native and rap star Eminem showed up on the set as a guest of the show.

MPACT program director Lance Sottile said,
“We’re really happy that Stephen could fill in for Michelle and Kaye Lani on their own show.”

Stephen Colbert expressed his gratitude to the MPACT and Marshall Mathers:
“I’m so grateful to the people of Monroe, Michigan and the whole crew at MPACT Studios. I’d especially like to thank local performer Marshall Mathers. That man is poised for a breakout. He just needs a good stage name. I’m thinking ‘MarshMat.’”

Colbert must be getting some practice in before his September 8th debut as the new talk show host of the Late Show on CBS.

Watch the full show below. Skip to the 22 minute mark to pick up with Eminem’s segment.

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