A Writer Successfully Tricks People Into Believing He Was A 2015 NBA Draft Pick, Lives The Life Of An NBA Player For The Night

PictureLast night, journalism was taken to an entirely new level of awesome during the 2015 NBA draft. Connor Toole, a 6’10 staff writer for the Elite Daily used his height, a Utah Jazz draft pick hat, and a nice suit to convince as many people as possible that he was the 42nd pick by the Jazz. From the looks of it, most everyone believed it.
Connor Toole wrote in an article:
“I’m almost 7 feet tall, I have an ill-fitting suit and a beard I don’t trim enough, so I figured I’d fit right in with the players nervously awaiting their fates. To test this theory, I braved the 15-minute walk from my apartment to the arena to see if I could convince people I was part of this class of untapped potential.”

With Toole’s new facade, he managed to make it onto to the draft floor during last night’s event. He describes, “So it turns out, if you wear a suit, act really confident and are almost 7 feet tall, it’s really easy to get on the draft floor.”
After the draft, Toole strolled into Manhattan as the newest member of the Utah Jazz. During his night out on the town, Toole posed for several photos with oblivious new fans, took shots on the house, got some numbers, and made out with a female suitor.

While Toole may never score any real points in the NBA, Elite Daily and their staff writer scored a game high yesterday in this creative and fantastic piece of journalism that gives a interesting perspective of what draft night may be like for an NBA player.
PictureWe think Toole should follow this up by recording the calls of the numbers he got for the purpose of hearing the utter disappointment in the voices of the women who find out he faked it all.

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