Facebook releases their new Moments app:  The new and private way to share photos with friends

PictureFacebook’s Creative Labs division just released its new photo sharing app called Moments. The idea behind Moments is to create a private way of sharing photos with friends of certain events and occasions and to mutually receive photos you didn’t take.The app uses the time-specific metadata of photos in your camera roll and categorizes them together into specific events. When you download and launch the app, it labels two catalogs for you—one called “Private” and the other called “Synced.” By default, all your pictures will fortunately remain in the private album until you move them to the synced gallery.

With Facebook’s facial recognition software, the app will automatically tag your friends whenever you decide to sync your photos with the app. This is the same technology that powers tag suggestions on Facebook. If Moments does not recognize a friend, you have the ability to manually tag them whenever necessary. If a friend you tagged does not use the app, they’ll receive a notification on Facebook Messenger that photos await them in Moments.  Additionally, if you do not wish to be tagged, the option is available for turning off your own facial recognition.

Moments from Facebook on Vimeo.

The Moments app provides multiple options for what you can do with your collection of photos. You can post them to your Facebook page, Instagram, Messenger, or simply store them privately in the app.

Facebook claims the app will help people finally share all those long lost photos from weddings and birthday parties that have been buried in their camera galleries. 

Facebook product manager Will Ruben describes it in a blog post:
“With a phone at everyone’s fingertips, the moments in our lives are captured by a new kind of photographer: our friends. It’s hard to get the photos your friends have taken of you, and everyone always insists on taking that same group shot with multiple phones to ensure they get a copy. Even if you do end up getting some of your friends’ photos, it’s difficult to keep them all organized in one place on your phone.”

With Facebook already knowing who all your friends are, the Moments app may be the solution to an easier delivery system with sending and receiving photos than what other photo sharing services can offer.

The Moments app is now available in the U.S. on iOS and Android, and will be available to more countries in the near future. 

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