New Interactive Whiteboard Unveiled By Ricoh Is Capable Of Hosting Online Collaboration For Up To 168 Participants 

PictureThe new Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D5510 is a digital whiteboard that could completely revolutionize the way businesses conduct meetings in the future.

The D5510 provides new and innovative ways for all business sectors to present and collaborate through interactive activities, including corporate strategy sessions, architectural design reviews, teaching, business training sessions, case development for legal teams and much more.Presenters using the D5510 will be able to share meeting notes, create drawings and models, review designs of projects, edit documents, all of this displayed on their 55-inch-diagonal, full HD 1080p LCD display, incorporated LED backlight and Gorilla Glass 2 for a sleek and stunning look. 

The whiteboard almost acts as a giant tablet with its intuitive touch-screen controls that make it easy for participants to move, draw, resize and edit content instantaneously.What makes this even more incredible is that presenters can add up to 168 onsite and remote participants and 8 additional D5510 whiteboards to co-present via a password-protected VPN connection.

Ricoh Visual Communications Group Vice President Matt Sakauchi said,

“In this new world of work, presenters need to share their best ideas instantly, broadly and securely in whatever way best enlightens the audience. With the new RICOH Interactive Whiteboard D5510, workers can collaborate and interact using multiple whiteboards connected over a virtual private network, or via their PCs and mobile devices. There are virtually no more boundaries to collaboration, except the ones you want to enforce, and the D5510’s unparalleled security makes that easy.”

With security being such an ever-present concern on the web, all sessions are password protected, and all data is erased from the whiteboard after a presentation has concluded, ensuring that a businesses critical information remains secure.
PictureCurrently, the Ricoh D5510 is on display at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando until June 19th where attendees will see the D5510 and the D6500 model which has a 65 inch display and is set to launch this fall.

The suggested retail price for Ricoh’s D5510 whiteboard alone is $7,140. Additional options include a stand that is $1,126 and a $1,200 collaboration license. That’s a hefty price tag to pay and it will be interesting to see who and what sectors of business find it useful enough to implement.

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