Future Of Football: The Dallas Cowboys Will Be The First Professional Sports Team To Implement Virtual Reality In Practice 

PicturePhoto Credit: Dallas Morning NewsEarlier this offseason, the Dallas Cowboys introduced the use of drones as a new way of filming their practices. Sources have now confirmed that they will also use virtual reality giving players a 3-D look at live action from practice.
Re/code reported that the Cowboys have officially signed a two-year deal with the VR sports startup StriVR Labs.

Derek Belch, former kicker at Sanford is the creator of StriVR which has already been implemented at the collegiate level from his former school as well as D-1 programs, like Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson and Vanderbilt within the last year. Belch developed StriVR for his master’s thesis project in the Stanford virtual reality lab.Video: StriVR Labs founder and CEO Derek Belch appeared on FOX Business to discuss how the company’s technology is being used by the Dallas Cowboys and college football teams.The Cowboys have already designated a new room for the VR system at their training facility. Practices over the last two weeks have had cameras stationed behind the line of scrimmage that give a 360-degree view of the plays with sound included.

Quarterbacks, linebackers, and safeties, will wear the Oculus Rift headset using StriVR’s program that will automatically adjust the video in the room to what the player is looking at. Coaches will also have the ability to see if they are making the proper reads or checks during each play. Not only will the starting players have access to the new technology, backup players will also get realistic views of plays they wouldn’t of experienced otherwise.

StriVR’s new VR technology can certainly be implemented in other sports. It will be interesting to witness StriVR’s role in the evolution of sports and how athletes use it to train in the future.

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