YouTube’s New Music Insights Tool Shows Artists A Heat Map Of Their Geographic Popularity Allowing Them To Strategically Plan Tours And Engage Fans

PictureYouTube released a new tool called Music Insights for artists on Wednesday.Music Insights is a brand new tool for musicians that correlates with Google’s YouTube For Artists initiative and helps artists track user uploads and regional heat of their listeners. 
PictureMusic Insights gives an artist a geographical perspective of what countries and cities they are most popular in based on the traceable statistics of their song views. YouTube says this new tool will help musicians more efficiently plan tours and better engage with their audience. Another amazing feature is that it can aggregate both the views from their own videos and those uploaded by other people through the Content ID recognition system.

During the initial stage, YouTube is only providing access to 10,000 of the most popular artists on the platform before they fully release it. Eventually, all of YouTube’s artists will be able track the regional hot spots of their fan bases and most popular songs.

Michael Cumberbatch, a product manager at YouTube, explains how Music Insights can be a beneficial tool for artists and their teams:

“For starters, this data can help you get a song added to radio by showing a programmer how big your local fan base is. It can be a great resource when mapping a tour, since top cities could be a good indicator for where fans might come out to see a concert. And you can share insights from your data to build buzz for a new video or express appreciation to the fans who helped get you here.”

Video explaining how YouTube For Artists can be an effective way to engage your fans:

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