Tom Hanks’ Wannabe Rapper Son Calls His Critics The “N” Word On Instagram

PictureChester “Chet Haze” Hanks, the wannabe rapper and son of the Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks, has caused quite the stir on Instagram this past weekend with his open use of the “N” word. Chet took to Instagram addressing all the people that are bringing him down as “hating ass n***az”.Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Chet has used the “N” word on Instagram. Two days prior, he posted a photo of the rapper Juice, whom he referred to as “my n–ga” in the caption.

Chet’s Instagram is filled with pictures of himself holding guns and making statements about how he’s a disadvantaged person because he is the son of Tom Hanks.

Chet made headlines this past April when he got into a verbal battle with radio host Howard Stern for calling him a “dried up old c***.” Stern responded by threatening to write to Hanks Sr. asking him to pull his son’s allowance.
PictureChet’s Instagram caption: “2 types of people in this world: those who know exactly what it is they want and are doing everything they can to get it; and those who just wander aimlessly through life because they are scared to death of failure,” Hanks captioned the photo. “I’ve lost a lot of so called friends cuz they turned out to be the second kind. F*** yall hating ass n***az I’ll never stop chasing my dream.”People on Instagram were not happy with his remarks as seen below:Picture

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