Shazam Announced Today Their New Image Recognition Feature For Their Popular Music App

PictureThursday morning, Shazam announced that it has added a new visual recognition feature to its popular music discovery app. The new feature provides users a new way of engaging the world around them through image recognition. This means that people will now have the ability to identify pictures and even text in the same way the app recognizes music.The new feature is capable of identifying products that range from movie posters, magazines, toys, books and even text. Users can access the new feature by clicking on the camera icon on the Shazam home screen and pointing their camera at a compatible target. Items that can be recognized will display a small Shazam logo or QR code.

An example of how this works: 
A magazine page features an ad for the movie Tomorrowland. Users can point their camera at the movie ad and within seconds, the application will bring up the trailer from the film for users to watch.
PictureRich Riley, Shazam CEO, talks about the new technology:
“The introduction of visual recognition is another step on our journey to extend the ways people can use Shazam to engage with the world around them. For brands, we’re providing a near-frictionless way to engage customers on their mobile devices, with a single tap of a button.”In the video below, Shazam CEO, Rich Riley, appeared on FOX Business to discuss the app’s new visual recognition technology and their new corporate partnerships regarding the new feature.
Right now, the new feature seems focused on giving companies the ability to set up recognition for their products and services versus consumers having the ability of identifying it for them.

So far, Shazam has teamed up with companies like Disney, Levi’s and HarperCollins, to show the capabilities behind their new visual technology.

No one knows for sure but speculation from critics say that the new feature will only be popular with brands promoting their products and little to no use should be expected from their current music users.

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