Illinois Man Takes Cat On A Memorial Day Canoeing Excursion, Drowns In Lake Trying To Save It

PictureA Memorial Day weekend canoeing adventure turned deadly when a man drowned after jumping out of a canoe trying to save a cat he brought aboard. 

Antioch, IL – Police say William Anderson, a 46-year-old man from Ingleside, drowned Sunday evening in a northern Illinois lake while trying to save a cat. 

According to the Lake County Sheriff’s office, Anderson was canoeing with two friends and the cat on Loon Lake. Officials say the cat jumped out of the canoe into the water and he followed immediately after in an attempt to save the cat’s life. Anderson flipped the canoe and sent his two friends into the water.  
A pontoon boat nearby noticed the disturbance and rescued the cat and his two friends. The canoers were more than 200 feet offshore and Anderson never resurfaced. Lake County officials said his body was recovered early Monday morning.

Police believe that alcohol was a contributing factor in Anderson’s death,  The Chicago Tribune reports. The Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources continues to investigate his death. 

Loon Lake is approximately 50 miles North of Chicago.Picture

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