Oregon Community Plans To Use A Fake Orca Whale Prop As A Solution To Their Sea Lion Population Problem

PictureA community in Astoria, Oregon is bringing in some unusual help to solve their overpopulation problem of sea lions at the local port. They’re hoping a fake killer whale from a Bellingham, WA whale watching company will do the trick.
Terry Buzzard, founder of Marine Cruises in Bellingham, owns a life-size orca whale prop which he uses to promote his business during parades and city events said,
“I don’t have any idea in the world if it’ll work or even should work. It’s just kind of a fun, crazy thing to do. If it doesn’t look like an orca whale and they call our bluff, then I guess they’ll sit there and thumb their noses at us.” 

Buzzard was aware of the sea lion problem at the Port of Astoria, where hundreds of them have gathered on the docks, preventing boat owners from using their slips.

The Port of Astoria has tried using electrified mats to deter sea lions, but those haven’t worked out well. They’ve considered putting up fences, but they’re worried that the sea lions will just knock them down.

The orca whale prop is over four hours away in Bellingham but is scheduled for shipment to Astoria within the next few weeks to act as a scarecrow. 

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