3 Confirmed Dead, 8 People Missing, Hundreds Of Homes Destroyed As Severe Flooding Batters The Southern Plains

PictureAP Photo/Temple Daily Telegram | Mitch GreenUpdate: 3 confirmed dead in Oklahoma; 1 confirmed dead in Texas and 12 still remain missing in Hays County, TX.
A massive storm system across the southern plains on Sunday dropped record amounts of rainfall causing fatal flash floods and forcing over 2,000 people to evacuate their homes and businesses. The deadly flash floods killed two in Oklahoma and one in Texas. At least eight people still remain missing. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comTwo people in Oklahoma have been confirmed dead including a firefighter who was swept away to his death during a rescue operation while saving people from a powerful flash flood. A woman in Tulsa also reportedly died in a traffic-related crash. 
A central Texas man’s body was recovered from a flooded area along the Blanco River. Authorities said the river rose a staggering 26 feet in only one hour leaving piles of wreckage 20 feet high.

The Blanco rose above 40 feet, more than three times its flood water capacity of 13 feet, Parts of Interstate 35 became completely engulfed from the flooding forcing parts of the busy north-south highway to close.

Kharley Smith, Hays County EMC said,
“Between 350 and 400 homes were destroyed in Wimberley, TX many of them washed away. In nearby San Marcos, flooding had damaged about 300 homes”, Smith said.

With more rain and damaging floods on the way, San Marcos, TX authorities asked people to obey the night-time curfew and to stay clear from damaged areas. 

Emergency response crews used helicopters and pontoon boats to pull stranded people out from the hazardous areas. According to KHOU News, at least eight people remain missing in Central Texas after the line of storms passed through the area.

Video: A flash flood in Kendall, Texas, was so strong that it easily pushed an SUV away. No one was seriously injured in this incident.

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