Canadian Hoverboard Inventor Shatters Guinness World Record For Farthest Flight Ever Recorded On A Hoverboard

PictureThe Guinness World Records revealed on Friday an astonishing world record in the field of future travel.
Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru’s propeller-based hoverboard needed to travel 164 feet to claim the new world record but managed to travel a total distance of 905 feet 2 inches and reaching a height of over 16 feet to achieve the world record title for the farthest flight ever recorded by a hoverboard.Catalin spoke of his record breaking achievement,  
“I wanted to showcase that a stable flight can be achieved on a hoverboard and a human could stand and control with their feet.”

A spokesperson for the Guinness World Records said, 
“This is a truly mesmerising and incredible feat in the world of engineering and transportation.  It’s always pleasing to see individuals such as Catalin Alexandru Duru achieve a Guinness World Records titles such as this in which personal endeavour continues to amaze us all.”
Catalin says that the machine he created over the course of 12 months can be used anywhere and can reach ‘scary heights’. He plans on exploring these capabilities in the near future. 

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