A Miami Beach Developer Has Secured A Plan For A Twisting, 633-foot LED Billboard Tower In Miami’s Innovation District

PictureRendering of proposed Innovation TowerMichael Simkins, a Miami Beach developer has struck a multi-million-dollar deal with a Miami redevelopment agency to build a skyscraper equipped with enormous, Las Vegas-style LED billboards.

Simkins wants to build a 633-foot, three-sided tower that twists upward from a pedestal to heights taller than the Space Needle. Each wall will bear a sign as large as 30,000 square feet that flashes static and animated advertisements at up to one per every six seconds, shining 24-7 over I-95, I-395 and the Dolphin Expressway.

Combined, the five billboards included in the project — including two on the pedestal over a pedestrian promenade — stretch about two acres. They can be seen from north, south, east and west. 
PicturePhoto of the proposed Miami Innovation DistrictThe building is part of a larger plan: the proposed nine-tower “Miami Innovation District” on the edge of downtown and Overtown.

The $200 million observation tower is expected to help draw visitors to Park West, activating an underutilized portion of downtown Miami. The developer anticipates 1.2 million annual visitors, helping to create 700 permanent jobs along with 1,700 construction jobs.PicturePhoto of Michael Simkins and wife NicoleSimkins told the Miami Herald
“The iconic tower will elevate the city’s brand on a global level, enhance the city skyline, and complement and enhance the surrounding community. Designed by a world-class architecture firm, this iconic tower will comply with the required regulations and will be consistent with the many illuminated structures that currently define Miami’s skyline and reflect the city’s vibrancy and growth,”


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