Tennessee High School Senior Prank Taken Way Too Far; 100 Students Banned From Graduation, Principle Suspended 

PicturePictureMadisonville, TN – 100 senior students at a Tennessee high school have been banned from graduation after a senior prank was taken too far resulting in severe vandalism of their high school. Students covered the halls in urine, trash, hay, and dead animals. 
In addition to those individuals beings banned from their graduation ceremony, a deputy who let them into the school has been fired from his job and the school principal has been suspended as the incident is under investigation.

Director of Schools Tim Blankenship has suspended Principal Gary Cole without pay, and that Deputy James Fisher has been fired after he was caught on camera letting the students into the school.

Fisher then left, but was seen returning when he heard the prank had gotten out of hand. He also reportedly gave a false report about the incident according to the 
Daily MailPicturePhoto: SnapchatPicturePhoto: Snapchat

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