Michigan Man Surprises Girlfriend With Marriage Proposal After Staging A Traffic Stop With The Police 

An online video shows a man in Royal Oak, Mich., propose to his girlfriend after she said the words every man wants to hear from the woman he plans to spend the rest of his life with:

“You are such a d–k.”

The Romeo was pulled over by the police department on the couple’s first date on April 17, 2013, and on the 2-year anniversary he asked officers to re-create the romantic traffic stop so he could propose.

The dashcam video shows the cops stop the black pickup truck and proceed to give the driver a hard time.”Just give me your license and registration and I’ll explain why I stopped you,” an officer told the driver.

He is then escorted out of the car and given a pat down, which results in them interrogating the couple over if he is holding a weapon. The situation gets tense as his girlfriend Ashley is also asked to step out and account for her boyfriend who can’t seem to drive through the small suburb of Detroit without getting pulled over.

Not the best way to demonstrate you are responsible enough to raise a family.

With Ashley behind the truck an officer pulls out the ring he confiscated from her boyfriend’s pocket and shows it to her. “Can you explain to me what this is?” he asks.

That set up the magical moment when the future bride turns to the man she loves and says “You are such a d–k.” Read MorePicture

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