83-Year-Old California Man Gets Hit With A $24,000 Aol Dial-Up Bill From AT&T

PictureAccording to AOL’s second quarter results in 2014, 2.3 million people still use its dial-up Internet service. That’s not exactly a small number of people, and this is why AT&T subscriber Ron Dorff’s $24,289 bill from using dial-up stands out even more, reports the LA Times.
The 83-year-old California resident explained to the outlet that he was used to paying $51 a month to AT&T for landline service, making him one of the few remaining AOL dial-up users in his neck of the woods. All of a sudden, his AT&T bill jumped to $8,000 in one month. He tried to contact AT&T to no avail, and though a tech was allegedly dispatched, the octogenarian said no one ever arrived at his house.
One month later, the bill had doubled to nearly $16,000. Even though a tech did finally show up at his house, Dorff was only told there was something wrong with his modem. Dorff contacted AT&T with the issue, hoping to have the bill reduced, but he said the company wasn’t all ears.
Eventually, Dorff reached out to David Lazarus over at LA Times with his issue, and when AT&T was contacted by the outlet, the company finally explained the root of the enormously high bill. For some reason, Dorff’s modem started dialing an international number and, as a result, Dorff was charged by the minute. Read More[Insert Elderly Tech Joke Here]Picture

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