#FloridaMan Fridays | This Week’s Most Ridiculous Stories Out of the Great State of Florida

PictureWhat’s “Florida Man” been up to this week? Here’s our list of the craziest stories that could only happen in Florida.

Florida Man Shot At Gas Station After Winning Staring Contest

Jacksonville – According to police, the victims were staring at the suspects for too long, while pumping gas. Once the victims finished getting their gas at pump five, they started driving out past the convenience store towards the exit, but say before they could get there, a suspect ran up and started shooting at them. Read More

Florida Man Takes Cab To Rob A Bank, Doesn’t Pay Cab Fare, Gets Arrested Inside

PictureTallahassee – Officers say when they first arrived at the bank the cab driver told them Geddie had not paid his $25.50 fare. Officers then found Geddie in the bank manager’s office, appearing “very intoxicated and spaced out.” They say Geddie wouldn’t follow their commands, prompting them to Taser him. No gun or explosives were found. Read More

Florida Man Violates The Migratory Bird Treaty Act After Taking Owl On Joyride

PictureW. Palm Beach – 28-year-old West Palm Beach man will face federal charges for picking up an injured owl and taking it on a joy ride, officials said. Stervenson Benjamin has been charged with violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act for capturing, possessing and transporting the great horned owl — a federally protected species — on March 16. Officials announced the charges on Wednesday. Read More

Florida Man Takes A Nap On The Beach, Gets Plowed By A Tractor

PicturePanama City – A teen sleeping on a Panhandle beach has been struck by a tractor. Panama City Beach police say the 18-year-old Orlando man was sleeping on the sand Friday morning when the beach tractor hit him. Read More

Florida Man Puts Kids In Trunk After Lunch At CiCi’s Pizza

Jacksonville – The Department of Children and Families is investigating a Jacksonville family that was filmed piling children in the trunk of a car before leaving CiCi’s Pizza. Read More

Florida Woman Asks To Bring ‘weed’ Along For Patrol Car Ride, Gets Arrested

PictureW. Volusia – A West Volusia woman is facing drug charges after trying to bring marijuana into the patrol car of a sergeant who offered her a ride, according to a sheriff’s report. Read More

Florida Man Caught Making Love To Stuffed Horse At Walmart

PictureBrooksville – A Florida teen was caught yesterday using a stuffed horse to masturbate in a Walmart in Brooksville, Florida, about 50 miles north of Tampa. Sean Johnson went to the store’s comforter section and used the toy to masturbate before placing it back on the shelf among the other items. Read More

Florida Woman Kicks Deputy In The Balls, Then Offers Him Oral Sex

PictureW. Palm Beach – Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies took a 23-year-old woman into custody after a complaint that she repeatedly offered bar patrons oral sex for money and refused to leave. Read More

Florida Man Breaks Into Ex Girlfriends House, Poops On Everything

PictureOrange County – A family of four had a rude awakening Friday morning when the homeowner’s ex broke in and defecated on several of the family’s belongings, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Read More

Florida Man Puts His Grandmother In Chokehold, Steals Her Car, Then Crashes It

PictureMelbourne – An 18-year-old man remains jailed after police say he put his grandmother in a chokehold, stole her cash and crashed her car. Read More

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