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Picture A fantastic collection of subreddits related to weather, climate, and evironmental issues.

Weather News’ish


Subscribers: 10,190
Description: Real and accurate data about the Earth’s climate.


Subscribers: 323
Description: Postings of all things relating to Earthquakes


Subscribers: 2,972
Description: /r/earthscience is for news, articles, and discussion regarding the earth sciences. earth science includes all scientific fields relating to the planet earth.


Subscribers: 135,387
Description: This subreddit is for recent news, information and issues related to the environment.


Subscribers: 673
Description: A place to learn about upcoming tropical storms. 


Subscribers: 1,719
Description: For anyone from professionals to hobbyists. For weather related articles, exciting weather events and sharing our favorite weather stuff.


Subscribers: 3,159
Description: Stories and news of natural disasters such as extreme weather, mass animal die-offs, solar flares, geological events and pollution related disasters such as oil spills.


Subscribers: 1,606
Description: Weather-related news and information, especially first-hand reports of severe weather.


Subscribers: 292
Description: Anything related to Tornados! News, Articles, and Pictures are encouraged


Subscribers: 2,604 
Description: r/tropicalweather is designed to focus on tropical weather events such as hurricanes, typhoons, tropical storms, and El-Nino cycles throughout the world. 


Subscribers: 13,518

Weather-Related Photos


Subscribers: 2,299
Description: A place to share beautiful video’s and pictures of the aurora.


Subscribers: 3,138
Description: This subreddit is for pictures and videos of clouds and cloud scapes.


Subscribers: 4,537,925
Description: EarthPorn is not a catch-all subreddit. Images that are submitted here are individually reviewed for compliance with our subreddit rules.


Subscribers: 6,288
Description: A home for all of your favorite animated /r/EarthPorn-worthy gifs.


Subscribers: 1,735


Subscribers: 49,213


Subscribers: 265
Description: r/stormporn is a community for those of us that find beauty in the storm clouds.


Subscribers: 8,248
Description: Welcome to /r/WeatherPorn! This is a subreddit for high quality images of the wide range of weather phenomena, from violent storms to beautiful weather


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