OU Sooners Linebacker Eric Striker Apologizes For Profanity, But Not His Feelings On The Racist SAE Video

Eric Striker’s profanity-filled Snapchat sound off regarding the racist SAE fraternity video has become a focal point of this embarrassing story for the University of Oklahoma. Striker talks to CNN’s Don Lemon about the video showing fraternity members on a bus chanting a racial epithet. Striker’s remarks: “I was angered. I was outraged. I had a video that quickly showed my anger, but like I said I apologize for the profanity, but I’m not apologizing about how I felt because that’s how I felt in my heart. […] It was such a bad reflection of the people here. There are so many great, nice people in Oklahoma. That’s the sad part about it that really hurts — some guys that feel this way after the game, smiling and taking pictures with us and shaking our hands and giving us hugs, and the fact that some of them feel that way behind closed doors when we’re not around really hurts.”

 So what has the University of Oklahoma done about the students involved in the video? Oklahoma President David Boren tweeted this earlier today:

What has the SAE fraternity said about the recent events? Here is the latest statement from Brad Cohen – the National President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon:

SAE brothers, I know the past 24 hours have been extremely emotional, embarrassing and frustrating for us all, but let’s take a moment and reflect. A few bigoted idiots, through a 9 second video showed their true colors and beliefs and did enormous harm to the other 15,000 undergraduates, our 200,000 alumni, your staff and Supreme Council all who were equally disgusted by their vile and racist behavior. This behavior was in no way reflective of who we are as SAEs and what we stand for.
To those that were hurt and offended by these actions, especially the African American community and our Many African American Brothers, I apologize on behalf of our now closed chapter and its members who will be expelled. 
After all the good and positive changes we have made, let us focus on who we really are.
A group of men, dedicated to supporting each other, through times of joy and sorrow. 
We have led the Greek world in showing we can assimilate diverse members into our brotherhood without hazing, intimidation and bullying.
We have raised millions of dollars and volunteered hundreds of thousands of hours to those less fortunate than ourselves.
We are True Gentlemen who believe highly in our creed and principles.
We are the largest and one of the oldest Fraternities in the land.
Let’s resolve to live by our ideals, be tolerant of all mankind, regardless of race, religion or sexuality.
Be your brother’s keeper and think before you act. As SAEs, you represent your chapter, it’s alumni, your University and the entire organization.
Let’s resolve to continue our hard work we have all done this past year and make SAE bigger, stronger, safer and more tolerant than ever in our 159 year history. We still have much work to do.
Phi Alpha!

In case you are not up to speed on the story, here are two videos of the racist chant from members of the SAE fraternity:

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