How to Prepare for your DVLA Tests

Picture If you’re working towards getting your driver’s licence here in the UK then you know better than anyone that it’s necessary to pass the DVLA practical and theory tests. For some people this can be a simple step that causes no stress at all, but for others it can be a real thorn in their side and they may even find themselves having to re-take it multiple times. So what can you do to prepare for your DVLA tests and ensure you pass the first time? Here are some tips you can use.

Tackling the Theory Portion

There is never any shame in asking for help, and in terms of your theory test there is plenty of help to be found. One service that hopeful drivers are turning to is, where they can take mock theory tests that help to prepare them. As the saying goes “practice makes perfect” and that’s exactly what TopTests helps with. You can even choose what level of difficulty of test you want to take, working your way up to the hardest and even “exam mode”.

In order to prepare for the test, which features a large amount of questions, you will also want to pick up three key manuals. All of the questions that appear on the test are taken from these manuals. The manuals are the Know Your Traffic Signs, The Official DVSA Guide to Driving – the essential skills, and The Official Highway Code.

On the day of your theory test be sure to show up on time and well-prepared. Try to push the nerves and stress aside so you can focus on the content.

​Moving on to the Practical Test

Once you have passed the theory test, you can move on to the practical portion of the test, which is also known as the driving test. This can be even more stressful for people, which can then lead to mistakes that cost you from getting a passing grade.

Ideally you will want to hire a driving instructor, which there are plenty of. They are well-versed in the rules of the road here in the UK and will also be able to give you individual feedback. Again, it’s back to the practice makes perfect model. The more you can get out there with your driving instructor, the more you will begin to build your confidence and improve your driving skills. Confidence will be key when you go in for your test. Jittery nerves are never a good thing!

As for the actual test, it typically lasts around 40 minutes. You will be accompanied by an examiner who will give you instructions and ask you to complete maneuvers. There will also be a portion in the test where you will be doing more independent driving and it’s up to you to follow directions and the traffic signs.

​Being Prepared Is Your Best Plan

​The very best way that you can prepare for your DVLA tests is to take the time to read, study, and ask plenty of questions regarding the theory, and to ensure you get plenty of driving time on the road.

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