5 Awesome Jobs You Can Get with an Online MBA

Picture ​Contrary to popular opinion, an MBA is not just for people who want to pursue a job in administration. MBAs can be suited for everyone regardless of their educational background. Although its core subjects are business-related, it allows for elective courses tailor-made for different careers. Everyone from healthcare workers to logisticians can pursue an MBA and profit greatly from it. Here are a few awesome careers you can get with an MBA.

1) Marketing Manager ($124,850)

Generating interest in products and services is what marketing managers do best. They achieve this through advertising campaigns, budget management, and strategic pricing. To enter this field, you’ll either needs a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication or business.
A reputable online executive MBA is, however, necessary if one is to move up the corporate ladder. According to Jeff McNish of the University of North Carolina, leadership and managerial skills are also necessary. And so is an understanding of the impact marketing will have on a business.

2) Human Resource Specialists ($58,350)

​Human resources (HR) is a broad field that involves hiring, recruiting, and compensating a company’s workforce. A HR degree is typically needed to get into this career. With an online Executive Masters in Business Administration, you can specialize in one area to become a human resource, placement, or recruitment specialist.
According to Melissa S. Lopez of California State University, understanding how to best use human talent without sacrificing HR policies is essential to be successful in this field. 

3) Logistician ($74,260)

Although not popular with MBA holders in the past, logistics is one of the most sought after specializations today. Logisticians are necessary in all fields of industry. They manage a company’s supply chain. That is everything from how products are acquired from suppliers to how they reach the final consumers.
Although a bachelor’s in logistics is enough to get started as a logistician, project and operation management skills can only come by doing an MBA. 

4) Medical and Health Services Managers ($94,500)

Medical and Health Services Managers manage and coordinate health care services. They run health facilities and ensure that they conform to necessary standards and regulations. In recent years, healthcare reform has seen more people sign up for medical insurance. This has increased the demand for medical and health services managers.
They in turn are enrolling for an MBA because even health facilities have a business aspect to them. According to LaQuan Norman of the Cahill Career Development Center, business professionals with a background in healthcare find an MBA very useful.

5) Financial Advisors ($89,160)

Financial advisors provide financial advice to their clients. They work in either finance or insurance. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects this field to grow by as much as 30% in the next 10 years which makes it one of the fastest growing sectors. After getting an MBA, financial advisors should seek summer internships to build their resumes. According to Doreen Amorosa of Georgetown University, such internships help students build wider networks as well as gain more expertise.


​Regardless of your professional background, an MBA is a good way to not only acquire business skills, but climb the corporate ladder as well. It also opens up opportunities to work in careers such as logistics, health and medical services, marketing, HR, and finance.

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